We are starting a new year in which we are seeing the consolidation of some 2020 trends as well as the emergence of others, resulting from different needs and growing awareness in recent months.

Open and connected spaces were already a trend during recent years; with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the kitchen became one of those places at home we enjoy the most, as result of confinement. Discovering new recipes and sharing that experience with family make us spend the right time that good cooking deserves. People have opted for cooking spaces that are also more sociable, opening the kitchen not only to the dinning but also to the living and even the family room to integrate both spaces. There are several options that fits this trend, all with a common factor: the sense of harmony between the space and the appropriate lighting.

Sustainable Design

Concern for taking care of the environment is on the rise and the kitchens are no exception. One of the trends of note is the seeking of sustainable design in terms of materials and construction, making prices more affordable for the consumer. This trend is going to persist throughout this year and the next.


In terms of colors, there are two strong trends that are predominant. The first is the use of shades of naval blue accentuated by classic golden tones to convey elegance and sophistication in the kitchen. The second, something that has already been seen and will never goes out of style, is white kitchens with industrial elements and natural colors. This can often be seen in spaces such as bars, attics, and woodgrain trattorias.


Porcelain countertops have gained prominence in the market, as they have great advantages, such as their ability to imitate natural stone, pure colors, and even wood. This has made them a star material in 2021. That such products are completely recyclable and benefit the environment only influences this trend.