Infinity is a versatile and creative system. The new door finishes comes together with the Diagonal handle, which features the exclusive 40° incline cut that makes the grip and opening easier compared to the classic door with a 30° cut. This propensity for diagonal lines gives it a distinct linear effect. Infinity by Stosa Cucine offers many ways to live the kitchen environment, including the Nordic Style ideas and the metropolitan taste compositions. Similarly, there are numerous materials that can be matched to create lively and innovative contrasts in a kitchen with an unmistakable personality. It is possible to choose from a wide range of accessories that boast a decisive and essential look to find the one that is most suitable for your kitchen. Pieces like the Diagonal peninsula in a geometric shape and the Ipe hood with an insert that has the same finish as the doors, allow you to personalize the spaces easily but with class. Stosa sees the kitchen as the heart of the house, a welcoming, warm and functional environment in which to live the day-to-day and share in the joy of being together.

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