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Antis is a kitchen design innovative and exclusive for a high and international taste. Characterized by simplicity, precision and elegance, the new system starts from a concept of research and a strong personality: to recover and revisit in a contemporary archetype of the important wooden kitchen. Hence excited all the beautiful materiality of wood with new oak trim Graff, exclusive versions in Natural and Dark, and oak Termocotto.

In addition, both furniture Cabinet tall unit with original system with the door falling on her side, both the base and wall units are extremely pure, free of elements that identify the use. Doors terminals and cover sides are at 45 degrees, just like the most precious and rigorous furniture living room, with the possibility of opening push & pull or handle positioned at will. The interior is equipped with multiple functionalities result of technology. Innovative doors Stainless Free Steel and five new lacquer matt and glossy, home to the refined color flint. New Horizon the boiserie with horizontal rack, the open wall units Cubodieci with magnetic partition and exclusive table Unico.

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