The new Stosa Dolcevita collection, the classic style model with doors displaying a carved frame and central panel, re-interprets Italian craftsmanship and offers a kitchen with unmistakeable style and irresistible glamour. The quality finishes and popular decorative details characterise all the compositions of the model, available in white decapé, gold wire ivory, silver wire white, black decapè and now in the new colour variations of gold wire walnut, gold wire pearl, matt varnished white and silver wire shadow grey varnished.

The containing functionality of each composing element, from midi tall units to side capitals with built in container compartments, from the glass doors with English style frames, from base units with spacious deep drawers with fittings, to the refined islands, harmoniously furnish a space with marked elegance, enhanced by sophisticated decorative details such as knobs adorned with real, certified Swarovski crystals.

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